Lori L. Lake, Midwest Book Review, Sept. 2003
“A delightful novel about family, marriage and the process of growing comfortable with all shades of the rainbow....a novel for the new millennium. With the legalization of marriage in Canada in 2003 and the ongoing social arguments about fair treatment of gays and lesbians, including marriage, this book is timely and fascinating. It's a book all parents-and nonparents-should read. In Schwab's skillful and sensitive hands, A DEPARTURE FROM THE SCRIPT is funny and true to life, but poses no easy answers. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Alma Bond, RebeccasReads.Com, 2003
“A delightful comedy....tells a charming story with humor & poignancy. I found myself laughing & crying, sometimes at the same moment. A Departure From the Script is recommended on two levels, for those who like a light, amusing, engrossing story which is quick to read, & to readers who wish to understand the complexities of coming out of the closet.”

Loraine Hutchins, Lambda Book Report, November-December 2002
“Hilarious....a juicy glimpse into the inner erotic life of a long-married woman....This intimate family drama is great comedy.”

Deborah Levinson, Lesbian Worlds (lesbianworld.com)
“Reminiscent in flavor and style to Olivia Goldsmith, who has written glorious novels such as ‘The First Wives Club.’...The characters in A Departure From The Script are just enough over the top to be lovable and fun while still being believable....I don’t want to give any of the book away for it is a delightful page turner that could only spoiled for you if I suggest any of the possible plot twists or even the plot meanderings. Rest assured, however, that you will enjoy every character, every event, every argument, every resolution, every plot and subplot, and most of all, every word.”

Ravigo Zomana, The Virginia GayZette, May 2002
“Will have you laughing, teary-eyed, cheering. A definite must-have for libraries, PFLAG chapters, and youth groups, this book shows the family?s side of the coming out process....Congratulations to Schwab for penning what is sure to become a classic.”

Sarah J., AfterEllen.com, June 2002
“Unusually honest, realistically messy, and not at all easy to predict.... Sheila’s character becomes remarkably three-dimensional to the reader.”

Aliza Phillips, the Forward, June 28, 2002
“In a humorous book filled with plenty of subterfuge, Sheila...learns about the meaning of love, marriage and family.”

Elizabeth Millard, ForeWord Magazine, May 2002
“Schwab’s writing is much like her main character: warm, earthy, resolute....Her splendid ear for dialogue provides conversation that sounds overheard, not written.... Also sure to delight readers is the author’s knack for humor, which balances the novel nicely, and keeps the story zipping along.”

Nancy Pearl, Booklist, March 15, 2002
“Schwab’s touch is light, but her message is earnest.... She raises difficult issues as she shows how families can support and accept their children who come out to them as a gay, lesbian, or bisexual.”

Betsy L. Hogan, Midwest Book Review, 2002
“Highly recommended reading, A Departure From The Script is humorous, thoughtful, and filled with very real human emotion from first page to last.”