A DIFFERENT SIN, Los Hombres Press, Fiction
ISBN 1-879603-08-X, Trade Paperback, $9.95

As the country hurtles toward Civil War, David Carter finds employment as an artist for a New York illustrated paper -- and becomes the lover of a fellow newsman. Stricken with guilt for the "sin" of loving another man, David volunteers as a war correspondent covering Grant's 1864 drive toward Richmond. Faced with the horrors of bloody Civil War battles, David is forced into a final confrontation with his own nature.

"Rife with plot twists and surprises....For someone looking for a good historical drama, A Different Sin is a must-read." -- Elizabeth Conley, The Independent Gay Writer, March 12, 2003

"a well-researched, well written, fiery historical gay novel...The sex is erotic and tasteful. The seduction scene with Walt Whitman poetry melted me...All in all, an excellent novel." -- John Starr, OUT in Virginia, February, 1994

"Schwab's depiction of war's horrors has the ring of truth...Civil War enthusiasts will find much that is diverting in A Different Sin." -- William Lyons, Alexandria Gazette-Packet, Sept. 23, 1993


"beautifully written and carefully researched...the love scenes are wonderfully sensual and moving...the queer Gone With the Wind!" -- Diane Raymond, co-author with Warren J. Blumenfeld, Looking at Gay and Lesbian Life.

"...a dramatic story, well told, presenting homosexuality in an intensely human way. Rochelle Schwab calls out of her readers a higher consciousness and a deeper humanity while forcing prejudice and ignorance into retreat." -- Bishop John Shelby Spong, author of Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism